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Yosha! I have just gotten off the phone with Gaara!!! When I called his brother answered. He did not sound very happy to talk to me, but he gave the phone to Gaara, so that is a good sign!!!

We have decided to get together in two days! So, on the twenty-fourth Gaara will be coming over! I must prepare! I will need to get snacks and make juice and tea! And I will need to make sure that all my Bruce Lee movies are in good working order! I recently bought Way of the Dragon on DVD since I cannot watch VHS on my computer.

I wonder if I should buy a television set for watching movies. I do not know if that would be a waste, but it would be much more enjoyable to watch movies on a bigger screen--especially of my idol!!! And it would be easier with two people to watch it on a television, no? I think I will buy one! Maybe just something small? And I will need a DVD player!

Yosha, I shall do this tomorrow so that I have it all by the twenty-fourth!

I am so excited! I have not had anyone but Gai-sensei to watch Bruce Lee movies with before!!!

I have just gotten off the phone with Gaara! I am happy to report that he is resting, and has spoken with his brother!

His brother does not seem to like me still, but he promised to give me a chance and be... nicer? I think that was what Gaara said. It is promising! I am sure that I can prove to Sabaku-san that I am a good friend to Gaara and that I have no ill-intentions! I would be most upset if Sabaku-san continued to think that I was just using Gaara. I do not even like thinking of such awful things! I would never do something like that!

Gaara and I also made plans to spend time together while we heal! Hopefully he and I can get together soon! He did not say a date, but I will call him again to see if he is available and to check to make sure he is taking good care of himself!!!


[back dated to 8/19] ただいま

Posted on 2010.08.19 at 01:21
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I cannot believe these past twenty-four hours. They have been most eventful!

I had my friendly match with Sabaku-san--except now I call him Gaara! Because he asked me to! Already our friendship is blossoming in the full Sprintime of Youth! Etto, well, our friendly match did not... end nearly so friendly. It got quite out of hand. I was very surprised, and Gaara was a formidable opponent. I am sure I would have been fine no matter what, but, well, I am now out of commission for at least six weeks at work (and so is Gaara). At least until the cast on my leg comes off. Once it does, I will be stuck with desk duty for a time--which is terribly boring and will be made all the more difficult by the cast on my wrist.

Typing is coming along very slowly, in fact. But I am managing! A broken wrist and leg will not deter me! I am sure that even with these hindrances I can maintain my youthful energy and training practises!

I feel terribly guilty though about the turnout of my match with Gaara. It was a good fight, but I had to take drastic measures to ensure my safety, and I regret it greatly. I broke one of his ribs and gave him a concussion! It is awful! I have injured my new friend, and even if it was in self-defense, I am sure I could have handled the situation much better, and I am determined to make it up to him.

Thankfully, despite his injuries, he is mostly all right and does not hold a grudge against me. We stayed overnight at the hospital--his brother was there. Oh, boy his brother does not like me at all. Not that I blame him. I did seriously injure Gaara, but there seems to be something else that I have done and I do not know what that is! But he does not want us to be friends, that much is clear. I am worried about this, but Gaara has assured me that we are going to continue with our friendship, so I am not too worried! We already have plans to keep each other company while we heal! I am very excited! I will have to pull out my Bruce Lee movies and see if I have enough food to make dinner or lunch for whenever he wishes to come over!

I am feeling incredibly restless today, and my body is a bit sore. Spending all day and night in a hospital has done nothing for me! And sleeping in a chair did nothing for me either! I feel the need to work out. I think I could manage one armed pull-ups and push-ups all right. And maybe I could work on some punches with my one hand. Yosha! I shall give it a try! I am sure if I just apply myself and am careful it will work out!



Posted on 2010.08.11 at 17:00
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Yosha! I am incredibly excited! Today I met the most interesting person! His name is Sabaku Gaara and he works for SIB--I am rather envious of his position, and hope that I can someday soon count myself amongst those noble agents!

Etto, but I have made it harder for myself. I am sure that after today--I will not think such awful thoughts! I shall get back to what I was saying, focus on much better things!

Sabaku-san! He was very interesting. And very... intense. When I arrived at the SIB offices, I accidentally ran into Sabaku-san as I was not paying attention to where I was heading because I was re-reading my rejection letter--not that I do not have it memorized. But I had to focus so that when I met with the head of SIB I would be able to contest this latest rejection.

I did not have an appointment, and I was going to wait as long as I had to, but Sabaku-san said that barging in would impress the head of SIB. So I did. Looking back, I should have realised that was a lie. He explained that he did it to test me, because I intrigue him. I have never intrigued someone before! This is all very exciting! And despite the fact that his suggestion led to my complete and utter humiliation in front of the person I hope to someday be my boss, I hold no grudge against him, and, in fact, I think he is actually nice, though he does seem a bit... well, I do not want to sound rude, but he is very difficult? I suppose that is the best way to describe him.

I believe that the head of SIB is Sabaku-san's father, but I have no idea if that is the case. I just saw his--the head of SIB's--name plate when I was in his office, and his family name was the same as Sabaku-san's. And there was a slight resemblance. Only slight. He certainly was intimidating. And was none to pleased with my performance.

Thinking back on it fills me with such humiliation. I ought to be more upset with Sabaku-san.

But now we are going to be sparring-buddies! I am thoroughly excited! And I have already started planning my training regimen for this week! By this time next week, I will be ready to face off with Sabaku-san, and I will do my utmost best to win! If I lose, then I shall do two hundred laps around the park, followed by a hundred push-ups, a hundred crunches, and then I will spend several hours performing martial arts without a break! Yosha!!!

I am so eager to begin training! I think I shall start right now, and go to bed a bit later than I ought to since I have work tomorrow!

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Tired, sad, headache

I Will Not Give Up

Posted on 2010.08.10 at 11:31
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I have received another rejection letter from SIB. This marks the fifth one in the last year, but I will not be deterred from my most important goal! I will just have to take action against this negative feedback! And train harder, and prove myself more thoroughly. I shall need to work longer hours now, to prove that I am worthy of the title of SIB.

But most importantly, I must go to SIB and speak directly with whomever is in charge of accepting recruits! I shall do this tomorrow, since I have a day off from work! Hopefully, it will go well! Perhaps I can make an even better impression on my superior in person! Yosha! This is definitely a good idea!

And then afterward, I can train all day! If tomorrow, I prove to only make a fool of myself, then I shall do two hundred squats in the park, followed by a hundred punch-kick combinations, one set on each side! Yosha! This is an honourable challenge.

...although, I must admit, I do feel slightly put out. Five rejection letters in a year is surely not a good sign. After my meeting tomorrow, I shall have to take further action to improve my chances, and I shall know better what that action is tomorrow.

Yosha! But I cannot fall into despair! I shall rise above this challenge and come out on top!